• Working Area

    Bulgaria has one of the most favourable tax regimes in Europe and a low cost of doing business across the board, but navigating the local corporate environment can be difficult without having local help on board.

    Bulgaria is a member of the European Union and its currency (the Bulgarian lev) is pegged to the euro. It has a low government debt and one of the lowest budget deficits in the EU, making Bulgaria one of the most stable countries in which to do business.

    Located at the heart of the Balkans, Bulgaria is a strategic logistics hub. With four major airports (Sofia, Plovdiv, Burgas and Varna) and two main seaports (Varna and Burgas), there is quick access to huge consumer markets. What’s more, the cost of using Bulgaria as a strategic hub is very low and there are several tax exemptions on offer to urge businesses to invest in the country.

    A corporate tax rate of 10% and a personal income tax of 10% emphasise the country’s competitiveness next to its European neighbours, and the cost of labour and favourable office rents add to its appeal.

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    CVDKi : Based in Sofia

    Extended network and knowledge

    Marketing and Sales consultancy :

    CVDKi helps clients develop comprehensive customer and market insights to identify new opportunities for growth in Bulgaria and The Balkans in general.


    Accountancy and Management consultancy :

    Through a network of reliable partners, CVDKi provides accounting, tax and legal advice to international companies and investors.

  • Projects / Activities

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    BullCharge Services for local governments, companies and individuals, offering:

    - Plug & play solutions for charging at home or in the office.
    - Full professional service for new Charging Station (CS) owners that wish to set up their e-mobility business with no hassle and minimum risk.
    - Professional & private lease services for home based or heavy-use charging stations.
    - Professional service for the EV-driver to locate public CS and charge there.



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    Smart parking and EV platform for complex business environments

    With the flexible use of office space, new customer demands and emerging mobility trends: how will you futureproof your parking? The Capacity platform simplifies parking management thanks to intelligent software that will maximize revenue streams and lower operational costs.


    Maximize revenue streams and lower operational costs with simplified parking management.

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    OPTION Cloudgate

    Connect virtually anything !

    Easy-to-install. Powerful.


    Includes LTE, 3G, ethernet, GPS and customisable modules compatibility

    Connects through WIFI, ethernet, USB, RS232, RS485, Digital I/O, analog I/O, etc.

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    We provide teams, streamers, influencers, federations and leagues with their own branded and fully managed fan engagement mobile app platform.


    Next generation mobile app solution that uses gamification to increase retention rates and monetize fan activities.


    The world's largest Sports NFT aggregation platform

    Create, issue and distribute any non-fungible tokens for Sports Collectors. Monetize your fan base via a custom Fan Token Offering. Play to earn with integrated BSPT, NFTs and Fan Tokens into DeFi games.


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    Graphical Design - Marketing

    Content writing - Corporate identity - SEO services - Logo design - Website design - Social media






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    Schengen Travel Insurance

    When traveling to Europe for any purpose (holiday, business, family visit, studying) or applying for a work permission, Schengen Visa or residence card - Schengen Insurance is a must. Every visitor outside the Schengen Zone and European Union is obliged to have valid compulsory medical insurance for foreigners in Schengen Area

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  • Who We Are

    Sometimes you face difficulties not because you're doing something wrong, but because you're doing something right...

    website : www.carlovdk.com

    Carlo Vandekerkhof (personal website)

    General Manager

    Carlo was the founder/CEO of United Telecom in Belgium. He is a national of Belgium. As an entrepreneur he has a demonstrated record of managing growth.

    After his accountancy studies, he provided ICT consultancy and software solutions to companies such as Proctor & Gamble, Johnson&Johnson, Ippa bank as well as to the European Union.

    As a co-owner and CEO, Carlo led United Telecom from a turnover of 1M€ in 2001 to some 12M€ in 2007. He pursued a strategy of both successful takeovers and community sales. During this period, Carlo was also investor and board member of Score Sports Marketing with a range of impactful activities in sports.

    As part of the advertising/marketing strategy of United Telecom, he initiated and developed quite some projects in the sports world with Score Sports Marketing :
    - Co-founder of the Beneleague Handball,
    - Right holder of the media and commercial rights for 5 years of the Belgian Championship Motorcross (United Telecom Trophy) with Co-Sponsor recruitment and production of own TV-footage broadcasting on national and European TV.
    - Right holder and organiser of the Belgian team for the Motorcross of Nations with i.a. the organisation of a press conference in the Belgian embassy in Washington and a Belgian VIP booth on the event in the US.
    - Advisor for the Belgian Championship Beach volleyball.
    - Organiser of the UCI bike-trial contest in Knokke.


    After selling his shares in 2010, Carlo has been the driving force in the development of the JMJ football academy in Kenya. Several JMJ Sports Academy players are currently playing in international leagues, such as Victor Wanyama (UK-Tottenham Hotspur), Johanna Omolo (BE-Cercle Brugge), Anthony Emeka (GR-Halkida AO) and Ayub Masika (CHINA-Beijing Renhe), to name just a few.


    Carlo took a stake in TopSportsLab in 2012, which he then lead as managing director. His approach led to a substantial expansion of the company's international network by visiting topteams and participating in conferences worldwide to spread the message of TopSportsLab.

    Buying a second division football club in Athens (Greece), FOSTIRAS FC, in 2013 and qualifying the first season for the play-offs for the superleague, followed by a relegation the second season, was an expensive but instructive lesson to realise that partnerships between different cultures require special skills... :-)


    Let's make it happen !